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One Plus One has an unceasing ambition.

Why does One Plus One believe in disabled people’s full integration in society? OPO tries to prove that disabled persons are not “good-for-nothing” but rather have creativity and value. OPO points out situations of social exclusion and discrimination based on disabilities. OPO hopes that the social-economic status will improve  as a result of increased opportunities. OPO challenges social stereotypes and advocate for more understanding from the general society. OPO works in changing attitude in the area of disability. What we are trying to do is all of the above, and more. 

Fortunately, OPO is never narrow-minded. In the past decade, One Plus One blazes the pioneering path, creates a precedent for development of Chinese DPOs, echoes with China’s alignment with international community in terms of disability affairs, and propels gradual change in environment for disabled people in China. On one hand, this advancement is attributed to an era of reform in China - OPO had the opportunity to study the development of Chinese disabled persons very closely, paired with our observation on the development of an international trend of disability rights. On the other hand, it is also crucial that OPO always escalates its own goal.

One Plus One expects to change society and achieve the desire of Pluralistic Society through its own actions, become a trustworthy and respected non-profit organization, turn into a member of the third sector that is full of Chinese wisdom, emerge as disabled persons' self-help organization (DPO) with solutions to disability issues, and represent a voice in the international world.

Nowadays One Plus One once again embarks on the journey for change. It is ready to make unremitting efforts for several generations, and build the stage without glass ceiling for all disabled and non-disabled employees to show off talents and realize their dreams. In the future, we need to remember our ambition, take actions, and do the impossible, and tell our unique story regardless of which manner life is unfolded. All of these are bound to make due contribution to the development of Chinese and global cause of disability rights! As One Plus One seriously sets the vision and develops a roadmap for actions, we are ready to work hard and defy difficulties and hardship.

Finally, One Plus One would like to invite you, disabled or not, to join the cause, to take actions. Although the process of change is often difficult, because it challenges you, poses you sufferings and pressure, this process will benefit all of us in the long run. We have to go all out and never give up. Even in the most difficult times, we must keep in mind that we are together. Let us express genuine concern for each other's well-being.

Change, is not just up to me!

Xie Yan
Partner/Co Founder/CEO

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